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a woman in total control of herself

March 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th at 12 PM Pacific

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are you feeling...

Image by Julien L

Out of Control

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Stressed Woman


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Like A Doormat

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Unable to Let Go

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Welcome to "A Woman In Total Control Of Herself," a five session group experience to get you into alignment, set strong boundaries, conquer co-dependence & make friends with your shadow.


Imagine a world where you're in divine alignment with your dreams, feeling centered, strong and in control. We will tap into why you continue to pick the same man only in a different pair of pants, continue to take crap and put yourself last, and finally clear up the confusion, frustration and despair. Step through the gateway to a next level experience to put you on the path to freedom from being a doormat and people pleaser. Putting yourself first is on the agenda this spring!

This is what awaits you on the other side of embracing your inner goddess and self-worth.

A Woman in Total Control of Herself is in flow, in sync with her soul, and the universe, attracting fully aligned relationships, synchronicities, and magic. This is a container where you're fully supported, energetically turned on, tapped in, and attuned to the flow of your life.

It's all about becoming the woman who confidently knows what she wants, what she will and will not accept or tolerate, and embraces life with grace, dignity and strong boundaries!

In this space, you have broken old patterns, you are attracting and crafting a life filled with passion, purpose, and unapologetic badassery!

* This workshop will be held in a private Facebook Group with Lifetime access to the replays.

A woman in
total control of herself 5 session workshop


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1-1 45- minute integration/coaching session with Marla



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Workshop + 1-1 session + Shamanic water Spirit healing + Tarot Reading


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what goddesses are saying

Marla, you’re amazing! My life and love life have vastly improved since working with you! I just got back from an amazing trip with a great guy who wouldn’t have been on my radar before our work together.  “He’s too nice”
In my old relationships the guys would constantly pick fights by putting me down or being jealous. This has been a breath of fresh air.  We have traveled several times completely drama free. I can’t thank you enough.

Elena Hall, Los Angeles

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