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Water shamanism is a practice that connects with the essence of water and its spirit to gain insights, receive guidance, and achieve deep healing. Water holds a magical place in shamanic traditions where it is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and healing.

shamanic water spirit healing

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are you feeling...





Stressed Woman

Lack of Energy


Profound Grief

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Unable to Let Go

Water Spirit healing:
Package of 3 sessions

Sessions Done Over The Phone


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Water Spirit healing


Sessions by phone; typically

last one hour


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water Spirit healing
+ Tarot Reading

 Session by phone


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what goddesses are saying

“Marla, thank you so much for the beautiful healing. It was such an amazing experience, not only during the healing, but everything that came afterwards. During the session, certain areas of my body got very cold and started to shake, releasing stored trauma.

I started to cry and felt such relief in my body. At one point I felt a lot of heat and energy leaving through the left side of my body where I have had discomfort. I can't wait for my next session!"

— Psychic Medium, Toni Greene

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