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Ending the cycle of people pleasing, approval seeking, numbing out and even comparing yourself to others, all start on the other side of setting your first boundary

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boundary coaching

You frequently feel like a victim as a result of the behavior of others

Exhausted & depleted from being in relationships that go nowhere

Ready to stop putting your needs last and longing to live the life you were meant to live

SO over dating players & unavailable men

You're sure you could never set boundaries with certain people in your life

I combine proven tools and modalities along with spirituality to help women feel confident to call the shots in their life

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i will guide you to lasting changes

reclaim you!

Love yourself unconditionally and set boundaries

Own your needs and get them met easily and effortlessly

Attract emotionally healthy and available men

Stop people pleasing and putting yourself last

Live in joy and jump out of bed excited every day


my story

I was Beautiful on the outside, but crying on the inside

It feels hard to believe now, but once upon a time, at 19, I arrived in Hollywood in a 1965 Karmann Ghia with my 20-year-old husband, two suitcases, and our cat Sheba.

Everyday I woke up in my 400 sq ft apt in Hollywood next to this man who was a pathological liar and made me feel like I was going crazy. I had big dreams but no confidence.


Working at night as a hostess, I would go on auditions in the day, hoping somehow, someway, I would get my big break.

One day, I finally got the strength to leave him only to move in with the manager of the restaurant where I worked. Because I had no self-esteem or boundaries, I became a target for his jealousy and verbal abuse. Upon returning home from my daily aerobics class, he would say, “That was a long class, where were you REALLY at?”

Or… the morning after my Monday night acting class, “I drove by your class last night and your car wasn’t there…where were you?” He also refused to turn on the answering machine (this was the 80's) so that I would miss calls from my agent about auditions, and when I did manage to book an audition, he would start a fight with me beforehand so that I was in tears and would blow it. 

Four years later, sitting in the emergency room at midnight, after cutting my hand open during a fight, I finally realized I had to move out. Fast forward three years later, I still didn’t learn my lesson and I married another co-worker, this time, a narcissistic chef.


After 7 years of being cheated on, put down, criticized, ignored, and humiliated, I was done with all that and him threatening to leave me on a regular basis.

I’d finally had enough. But not before an ultimate act of desperation. With tears streaming down my face, I drove up to Sunset Blvd and had a big ole tattoo of a heart with a dagger through it branded right on my ass! A permanent reminder of the sad woman I once was.

And ever since then, for the past 25 years, I’ve been on a path of self-discovery & healing.


In 2001, I met my Adolfo, a Latin musician, the Ricky to my Lucy, who saw my light and magic, helped me shine and blossom into who I am today – a confident entrepreneur, transformational coach, award winning author, intuitive reader & healer.

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Woman in a Field

12 week program

  • Personalized 1 - 1 coaching

  • Shadow work

  • Clearing codependency

  • Setting boundaries easily

  • And...much more