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Hi, I’m Marla, award winning author, spiritual life coach, matchmaker, energy healer and intuitive reader.

I teach women how to step into their divine confidence, power, self-love and magic.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where I spent much of my childhood in the thick, damp, moss-filled woods that surrounded my family home. It was there that I first connected to my inner magic and creativity.

 Like any self-respecting sorceress, my favorite season was and is autumn. I adored the crunching sound of leaves under my feet, and delighted in collecting pinecones and communing with the crows. The place summoned my Celtic roots, the part of me that was ancient, mystical, and powerful. I spent hours exploring, collecting red and gold maple leaves, climbing trees, and chatting with the nature spirits.


In my work, I infuse everything I do with playfulness, curiosity, high-frequency energy and enthusiasm.

I believe that when you align to who you truly are, transformational shifts happen in all areas of your life.

I can’t wait to be your guide!
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