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A Five -Week live training program to learn to tap into your divine connection to your spirit guides and angels, give and receive messages and turn up your frequency.

Tapping In: Opening your psychic channel & connecting with your guides

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In Tapping In, we will be going into:


Connecting with your spirit guides

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Working with the chakra system


Preparing the vessel to receive

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Oracle cards

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my story


One chilly October night in 2013, my life changed in the MOST magical way. My friend Julie brought a “communication board” over to my house. A large board with the alphabet on it. Neither of us had ever tried this type of spirit communication, but we were game! After all, we had been studying all things mystical under the tutelage of the powerful Goddess Tauheedah at The Imagine Center in Los Angeles.


We set the scene…candles, crystals, incense

and statuettes of saints & Jesus.


Julie pulled out a round wooden game piece to use as a planchette and set it in the middle of the board. We each gently placed an index finger on the planchette and asked if anyone wanted to give us a message. At first, a trickster came through, identifying itself as “Secret Spirit.” We sent it on its way, and tried again. The planchette started to move…spelling A-N-G-E-L.


“ANGEL? YOU’RE AN ANGEL?” I screeched.


The planchette started moving again and spelled out: G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N -A-N-G-E-L


And that’s how I met my guardian angel, Murth. Over the years, I continued to develop my intuitive, healing and psychic abilities through study, practice and shamanic journeys. I am divinely connected to my guides, angels and even Galactic Star Beings. Nothing brings me more joy than to transmit messages that assist in transforming our lives. It’s absolutely magical.


And that’s why I created Tapping In, to allow you to connect with your spirit guides on a deeper level and guide you to become a divine channel of light and wisdom.


When you are tapped in, you know that you are truly guided and supported by your “spirit team.” Life starts to flow in the most magical way. Intuitive hits and flashes of insight guide you daily.


When you commit to tap in and open up, you announce to the Universe that you are ready, available and open to partner with the divine.

Tapping In; Opening your psychic channel & connecting with your guides

A Five Week live training. Beginning level. Learn to tap into your divine connection, your spirit guides and angels, give and receive messages and turn up your frequency.


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