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My Favorite Manifestation Technique

The other day I was talking to one of my guy friends, James, on the phone. I shared with him that I just dropped off my 39th bag of "stuff" to the Goodwill. This was over a 6 month period, mind you. "Every time that I clean out my closets and give things away, I seem to get a new client," I said. It's one of my manifestation techniques."

He was not having it. "No, I'm sorry Marla, but giving away things does NOT bring you new clients. Your talent and hard work brings clients! If you continue the way you're going, you won't have anything left."

I chuckled. "Well James, dear... as you know...I have my magical, witchy ways and I am a manifesting maven, and YES, it works!"

I have to admit, it felt SO freakin' good to drop off bag after bag over those 6 months. The space and feeling of freedom that it provided in my closets and drawers was liberating. And yes, an unusual amount of matchmaking clients joined my service, and I just felt clear and calm.

We have all heard of the phrase, Spring Cleaning, but winter can symbolize a sense of paring back and decluttering, too. In Tara Ward's book, THE HAPPINESS YEAR, How To Find Joy In Every Season, the author says, "just like the trees let go and lose their leaves, you can think about anything you want to let go of during winter months. it could involve practical tasks such as clearing out old clothes and items around the house. equally, it could mean releasing unwanted emotional baggage."

Tara goes on to say, "If you are struggling to discover what you want to shed, think of a symbolic image, such as a bare tree alone in a field, and ask yourself what needs to happen in order to achieve that simplicity for yourself. You might want to imagine fallen leaves at the base of the tree and assign images or words to some of them, so that you can see what you need to release in order to find that sense of may take you awhile to let go of what you don't want. Humans are complicated and can cling onto things for different reasons. What matters is having the courage to explore what will make you happier, the wisdom to know how to make it happen, and then having compassion with yourself as you find ways to let go of what doesn't nurture and support you so you can embrace and enjoy what makes you truly happy."

Anyone who lives in harmony with themselves lives in harmony with the universe.

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