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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Beautiful Spirit….Give a shout out if you dream of making a massive shift? How would it feel to go through life effortlessly, confidently asking for what you want, and easily rejecting what you don’t want.

Over the years, many people just assumed that I had my act totally together and that life was a bed of roses AND a bag of chips for me. But guess what? I had LOTS of unresolved anger, pain, frustration and no clear boundaries. I SO needed to do some deep kick ass shadow work, co-dependent clearing strategies and more. How did I cope? Well, my old pattern was to yell, cry, throw things on the floor (I remember an incident that had to do with my hubby and a bowl of oranges…. I’ll save that story for another time…) BUT, I spent a lot of time in my room alone screaming into pillows crying my eyes out.

Over the course of a year, I got coaching. Boundary coaching to be specific. It has literally changed my life. I am calm, centered, focused, and can set boundaries like a Badass! Now, does that mean that my life is perfect and I never get triggered or melt down? No… BUT… when I occasionally start to slip back into old patterns, I know how to course correct and kick the triggers and reactions to the curb!

I saw how powerful this program was, and spent a year getting certified so that I can help other co-dependent, doormat, people pleasing, boundary needing beautiful souls.

Setting boundaries that stick is an art. I like to call it Boundary Badassery.

When you are able to master the tough conversations, put yourself first, share your needs clearly, and stop being a doormat, you can’t help but feel like a Badass!

One of the most valuable benefits of learning to set boundaries is that instead of constantly feeling like you’re a victim of others’ actions or in-actions, you begin to see how you are the only person responsible and capable of meeting your own needs. You begin to take responsibility for upholding your own boundaries, instead of expecting anyone else to. And that feels AMAZING!

I encourage you to really take a look at all the sneaky ways you dismiss your needs.

I invite you to spend 45 minutes with me as I lead your through a mini coaching session, and share with you what your life could be like on the other side of Boundary Coaching.

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