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The Magic Seeker

Fans of the bubbly spiritual seeker will adore this latest adventure, the most magical experience of her life — and gain comfort and wisdom from her journey.


The Buddha Made Me Do IT

“A warmly funny, wide-ranging, and off-kilter spiritual odyssey.” — Kirkus Reviews


What starts as a search for a decorative Buddha statuette leads one woman on a spiritual journey that will change everything.


Hearts On The Line

Marla facetiously refers to the dating service as the Double D—which doesn’t stand for dream date—and often finds herself introducing SHBRs (short fat bald rich guys) to GDGDs (gosh darn gold-diggers) and, despite the odds, countless couples find that Marla has linked their hearts.


Diary Of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

In Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Marla takes her readers for a hilarious romp through her days as an L.A. matchmaker and her daily struggles to keep her self-esteem from imploding in a town where looks are everything and money talks.


Amateur Night

The vivid memory of a certain February 14th before she married revisits Marla like the ghost of St. Valentine. What seems hilarious now was torture at the time, yet the misery of “Amateur Night” teaches her some new moves in the tango.

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